Inventory Counting Procedures Using Barcode Scanners

Physical inventories or audits usually take place at least once per year for tax purposes so that you accurately report your inventory’s cost in your accounting software. The process of doing an annual physical inventory need not be difficult. It can be done fast and accurately using barcode inventory counting scanners.

There are usually some simple steps for doing an audit and as long as you follow the outline below, this can be accomplished with the least amount of angst. MSS Software makes this process easy by using a cloud based inventory audit solution and mobile inventory scanners. This is available for rent since most businesses only have to do this once per year.


Steps for Inventory Audit

  • Scan inventory items and enter quantities of items found
  • Compare items found to database items
  • Generate a report showing any discrepancies
  • Rescan, if necessary, for discrepancy items
  • Adjust or update Database to show actual quantity found

Inventory Count Report

Example of Inventory Report Tracking

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