Motorola MC9190

The MC9190 and successive models have evolved over the years as mobile and barcode technologies have advanced.  Users of the MC9190 are familiar with its rugged design for maximum endurance from the harshest environments.

When introduced, the Motorola MC9190 mobile computer offered the very latest in scanning technology delivering high performance using its omnidirectional scanning. It is a class leading rugged device resulting in legendary reliability.

The MC9190 has a unique imager scan engine which allows you to scan 1D and 2D barcodes that are damaged or poorly printed. This unit was originally created by Motorola but Zebra purchased this division of Zebra many years ago and offers many other models based on the MC9190 platform.      

MC9190 Model Evolution

Beginning with the Symbol brand, later becoming Motorola, and now Zebra, the MC9190 and its current version, the MC9300, represent the pinnacle of barcode technology.  The team here at is an expert on servicing, supporting and replacing each of these scanner models.


Model Discontinuation Date
MC9060 August 13, 2012
MC9090 August 13, 2012
MC9190 Sept 14, 2015
MC9200 Android – June 30, 2020
Windows – August 20, 2021
MC9300 Current Model – Available for Purchase or Lease

MC9190 Replacement Parts

MC9190 accessories such as replacement batteries are readily available to extend the life of your scanner.  Contact us today or place your order online for fast delivery. Our curated list of commonly replaced items can be found below. Call now 800-428-8643 to order or visit      
Item Description
BTRY-MC9X-26MA-01 Check Pricing and Availability Battery for MC9x00, 2600 mAh
SAC9000-400CES Check Pricing and Availability ZEBRA EVM, 4-SLOT BATTERY CHARGER KIT, FOR MC90X0, MC9190, MC92XX, INCLUDES POWER SUPPLY (PWRS-14000-242R), DC CORD (25-72614-01R), AND AC CORD (23844-00-00R) (REPLACES SAC9000-400R)
KT-MC9X3X-STLSG-05 Check Pricing and Availability Replacement grey stylus – Pack of 5
KYPD-MC9XMS000-11R Check Pricing and Availability Replacement Keypad, 53 Key Alphanumeric
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MC9190 Repair Services

Making it easy to repair your MC9190 is our specialty.  Our flat rate repair offering makes it fast to process your scanners so they are returned to the shop floor quickly.

Minor Flat Rate Repair Service Includes

  • Touchscreen
  • Backup Battery
  • Speakers
  • Trigger
  • Reflash Operating System
  • Firmware Upgrade

Major Flat Rate Repair Service Includes

  • Scan Engine Replacement
  • Keypad Replacement
  • Assembly Replaced
  • Main Logic Board

Rent MC9190 Scanners

MC9190 rental scanners are available for short periods such as one week or long-term such as multiple months.  Generally, our scanners feature the alphanumeric keypad with TE software and a choice of scan engines.  MC9190 rental scanners are in stock and ready for rent.

Refurbished MC9190 Scanners

Refurbished MC9190 scanners are an inexpensive option to extend the life of your scanner investment until you are ready to replace all units currently deployed.  We stock several models for fast shipping.

MC9190 Replacement Scanners

The MC9190 scanners have been replaced with the Zebra MC9300 scanner which features the latest and best technology available today.  The MC9300 features the latest Android operating system and a long-range scan engine yet it is a familiar design which makes it easy for users to adopt with minimal training.

Trade In Services

Are you ready to trade in your Motorola MC9190 scanners?  Contact us about equipment you are considering to trade in for new equipment.  Inventory Pro can help you get the best value out of your old equipment as well as get the best value for new equipment.  We are interested in your old mobile computers, scanners and printers in working condition.  Brands such as Intermec, Motorola, Zebra and more are always in high demand with our customers so we can be especially competitive with trade in offers.

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